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Career Podcast

"What Do You Do Exactly" Podcast

Jamie Maglietta produced and hosted the podcast, What Do You Do Exactly? from 2022-2023. On the podcast she talks with professionals about the job behind the job title to help students and professionals navigate the media and entertainment industry. Each conversation offers an inspirational story, applicable advice, and taps into Jamie's vast network. 

These conversations are meant to help listeners enhance their networking skills, learn more about the roles within media and entertainment, and become on-camera ready for interviews. This concept led to the creation of the podcast, (ON CAM) Ready.

Kelly Daniel
"I was on Jamie Maglietta's podcast this morning, "What do you do exactly?" and she pushed me to sum up my layoff advice in a 15 second sound bite. I'm glad she did, because it came out pretty powerfully!"
David Weinstein
"I had a lot of fun speaking with Jamie Maglietta on her podcast last week. We talked about skillsets vs knowledge bases, toxic positivity on Linkedin, transferrable skills, and trying not to 😬 about your next move..."

Jill Charton

“Jamie is one of the most authentic and transparent individuals I have ever met! Her work ethic is inspiring and she is a nonstop go-getter!"
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