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Jamie helps professionals leverage their expertise to attract earned media. She is an expert at networking, interviewing, and on-camera appearances. 

Manifesting with a Hustler's Mindset


“Making the jump to leave an organization where you’ve grown up professionally is one thing, but starting your own company is a different level of crazy / intensity.

I’ve written about this quite a bit - but beyond the immediate identity crisis, developing a thick skin against what your former ‘coworkers think of you,’ to going from a piece of the puzzle to running sales, marketing, accounting, you name it - it’s a lot and definitely not for everyone.

I worked with today’s featured contributor, Jamie Maglietta, years ago at CNN and have watched her journey from afar as she’s risen through ranks, developed new skill sets and jumped bravely into all kinds of new roles. And then more recently attending Harvard and now building her own business as a media consultant, line producer and content creator.

Beyond highly recommending her as someone to work with [🎙 take note all you aspiring podcast hosts], I’m excited to collaborate with her and lift her up as she crushes this new adventure. Read more about her very practical tips on how’s she’s navigated her evolution below.” - Melissa Blum, MT Deco 

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Jamie is available for podcasts, television, and print as an expert in video production, social media, media, and more. Check out her SUBSTACK for the latest.

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