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Applying television production skills 
and journalistic integrity to all aspects of media.

Jamie Maglietta is a seasoned broadcast news veteran with experience creating promotional packages to live breaking news television shows. Since 2022 she has focused on expanding her skillset to include all aspects of content creation including podcasting and social media.

Paramoun, Fox, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, BET, News, Media Logos

Here’s How you Can Become (ON CAM) Ready:

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1:1 Consulting
Virtual consultations for your media strategy. Obtain guidance on how to navigate the media-ecosystem and be potentially connected with assets within our network to help you further. 
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Media Training
Become on-camera ready for local and national news interviews, as well as, speaking engagements. She also offers home/office studio set-up services.
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Freelance Journalist
Available for writing assignments and copyediting for print or television. Also available as a creative producer for TV series, long-form production and live news.
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Contract Producer
Available for production management and EIC roles in  Unscripted, live events, podcast creation, & field producing. Jamie is also available to help you create content online.

Media Training & Consulting

20+ Years in TV News across Fox, CNN, & MSNBC makes Jamie's skillset unique with an unbiased approach.

Jamie has worked on and managed shows led by Wolf Blitzer, Brian Kilmeade, John Berman, Gretchen Carlson, Brian Stelter, Steve Doocy, Alisyn Camerota, Anderson Cooper, Ashleigh Banfield, Fareed Zakaria, Christian Amanpour, and many more...


Network Interviews 

Exclusive Interviews and Panel Discussions Make Jamie an Excellent Resource.

Jamie has also orchestrated hours of breaking news, prepared in-depth interviews, and worked on location.


On-Location & Live Events

From Entertainment to Politics, Jamie excels at crisis communication & field producing.

Her field work includes breaking news and live events, for example, coordinating Fredricka Whitfield's anchoring from outside the Pulse Nightclub immediately after the deadline shooting. She's also covered The 2008 Presidential Election, and coordinated affiliates for the Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention. Plus she's worked as a red carpet producer and covered American Idol.

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Jamie is available for hire to manage your podcast hover she is building courses that will help you develop your idea into a show.

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Join the waitlist!

There is an (ON CAM) Ready virtual session in the works focused on media training and connecting with the press. Media insiders will appear as guest speakers to help you along your journey.

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Content creation is key to every business, work with Jamie on developing your social media strategy, provide production tips to your teams, or repurpose content to illustrate your story on online.

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Lecturer & Guest Speaker

Jamie is available to speaker about content creation in the age of streaming, how to earn media without pitching, and thought-leadership online. She has also taught and can create television production courses.

Book Tours & Politics

From leading Satellite interviews and working with public figures, Jamie has crafted a career building relationships with talent and the press.

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Available for Events

From conducting producer workshops and lectures to delivering comprehensive courses on podcasting, as well as addressing your team on effective media engagement strategies, my capabilities span a spectrum of professional development opportunities.

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Managing Editor, 11Alive
Former CNN

"Jamie is calm, cool and collected when breaking news happens. Her guidance is clear, her decisions come quickly and she does not get frazzled by the moment. It has always been a pleasure to work with her in a control room in breaking news, or not."

Health Editor, WebMD

"I worked with Jamie at CNN International. Her signature trait is her laser focus. She has a vision for the shows she produces and works hard to achieve it, guiding her team and colleagues with singular purpose. That's not to say Jamie is not flexible..."

Director of Programming, CNN

"Jamie is an enormously creative and detail-oriented producer, who has steered newsrooms and control room through some of the biggest newscycles of our lifetime— from the pandemic, to America’s racial reckoning, to the lead up to the 2020 presidential election... Jamie is a rock. Someone I trust deeply and endorse heartily."

Thank you for your interest!

Interested in discussing ways we can work together? 

Reach out or connect with my on social!

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