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(ON CAM) Ready

Taking thought-leaders from unknown to known, so they can start building community and attracting media opportunities. Plus, offering production services & helping creators develop their ideas into reality.

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Jamie Maglietta

Meet Jamie Maglietta, a seasoned broadcast veteran poised to guide you through every facet of the media ecosystem, from the inception of your thought leadership journey to advanced media training. With her wealth of experience, Jamie coaches and mentors clients, equipping them with the necessary resources to effectively leverage their expertise, whether it's to secure media coverage or to elevate their brand presence for standout press pitches. Join Jamie on the path to media success and watch your impact soar.

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Excel in Media

Tapping into experience across CNN & Fox News Channel to help professionals leverage their expertise online & on-camera. (Virtual & In-Person)

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"Newsroom" Session

Tap into newsroom tactics to help you enhance your pitches to the press, network with the media, and create compelling content. "Pick my Brain" sessions are available starting May, 2024. (1 Hour Session)

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Social Media Audit

Before you pitch the press be sure you have the footprint online needed to stand out! (PDF + Consulting + Course In Development)

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Thought Leadership

Offering content creation and production management services in social media, podcasting, and curated programming. (1:1, & Course in Development)

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Want to know what media insiders are saying about how to attract the press and become on-camera ready? Interested in learning how to create content that leverages your expertise?
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“Jamie Maglietta is an outstanding media professional who cuts through the BS to get to the heart of important topics at speed. She excels at moving the ball forward and figuring out what she doesn't already know. While Jamie was an excellent producer of a fast-paced show at CNN, she is also thriving outside of big corporations and has had the courage the reimagine an entrepreneurial life for herself and is succeeding at it. ”



"I got hooked up by Jamie Maglietta...If you are a business owner who is online a lot, you need to get setup. Make your office space look professional. Ladies let me tell you something, a big TV secret, its all about lighting. So, you want someone with a TV background and she knows what she is doing."



"She is an excellent consultant and outstanding producer who's extremely knowledgeable and has meticulous attention to detail and strategic problem-solving skills in early show development. Jamie's dedication to maintaining clear communication made for an enjoyable, yet collaborative work environment."


Our mission is to embark on a transformative journey with your brand, guiding it towards widespread recognition and acclaim. We specialize in elevating your thought leaders, crafting compelling narratives, and equipping your team with actionable strategies to resonate deeply with the press. Let us pave the way to your brand's prominence and relevance in the public eye.


Personalized Services
Hire (ON CAM) Ready to Produce your Content or Media Project...


Prepare for (ON CAM) Ready Excellence: With a background as a broadcast producer, "guest hunter," news producer, podcast producer, and digital on-air talent, she brings a comprehensive experience across all facets of media. 

Available on a contract-basis in production management for Unscripted programs, special events, field production, guest pitching, and breaking news freelance work.



“I had the pleasure of hosting Jamie as a guest speaker in my podcasting class, which is a part of Harvard’s journalism program. In demonstrating a deep understanding of storytelling across multiple media channels, Jamie left a lasting impression on my students. Jamie's passion for her craft is contagious. With her wealth of experience, Jamie is an asset to anyone seeking to navigate the dynamic landscape of modern media, including for her ability to guide others in exploring the possibilities of multiple media platforms and journalistic storytelling across multiple channels."

(ON CAM) Ready

Join Jamie Maglietta, a television news veteran with nearly two decades of expertise, as she shares invaluable insights to elevate your on-camera skills. Whether you're navigating the realms of social media, podcasting, or TV appearances, Jamie brings her wealth of experience to empower listeners. Tune in for bi-weekly conversations with industry experts, including producers, talent scouts, social media managers, marketing gurus, authors, TV personalities, and more.

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(ON CAM) Ready Video Podcast

Unlock On-Camera Brilliance: Dive into exclusive tips from TV insiders to shine on camera and captivate the media spotlight!

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Fun TV News Fact!

(ON CAM) is a quick abbreviation for On Camera, a term frequently used by TV News producers to signal to anchors, reporters, or guests that they are live on camera. This phrase is commonly integrated into teleprompter scripts for seamless communication.​ Elevate your on-camera presence or enhance your productions with my expertise. Feel free to reach out for more information, and let's perfect your on-camera moments together!

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